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By accessing, visiting or using this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by these website Legal Information and Website Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Legal Information").

This Legal Information only applies to the "Petercam" website of Petercam SA/NV ("Petercam SA") available at the address (the "Website"). Other terms and conditions apply to the other websites of the Petercam Group (the term
"Petercam Group" means the group consisting of Petercam SA and all its subsidiaries, affiliated companies or branches) and we
invite you to read these when you visit other Petercam Group's websites

The Legal Information may be amended by Petercam SA from time to time and you are therefore invited to review them periodically.

1. Access to the Website

  • We draw your attention to the fact that the content of this Website is adapted to the visitor profile and country of residence you have chosen prior to accessing this Website. Some information may therefore not be available to you in order to comply with the laws and regulations in force in your country of residence.
  • Access to the Website is prohibited to any person domiciled or residing in any jurisdiction where the use of or access to this Website would constitute a breach of the laws and regulations applicable therein. In particular, this Website is not addressed to residents or citizens of the United States. If you are domiciled or residing in such a jurisdiction, you are not authorised to proceed any further and you are required to quit this Website immediately.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

  • The whole Website and its content, including (but not limited to) texts, graphics, images, logos and icons, are the property of Petercam SA and its licensors. These elements are protected by intellectual and other property rights. It is forbidden to copy, download, duplicate (all or part of), forward (through electronic or any other means), modify, translate, create a link to or use this Website and/or its content for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent from Petercam SA (it being understood that users are authorised to download and print elements of the Website solely for personal and non-commercial use, provided that the content is not modified in any way and that all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices are kept unmodified). In particular, pictures and videos of individuals may
    not be reproduced without the prior written consent of Petercam SA.

3. Available information

  • Petercam SA shall use best endeavors to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate and regularly updated. However, Petercam SA does not guarantee that the content of the Website is adequate, accurate, complete and up-to-date. No entity of the Petercam Group shall incur civil liability solely on the basis of the information available on the Website, including any translation thereof.
  • As the entity responsible for the Website, Petercam SA, does not warrant or guarantee that the information available on the Website has not been modified due to technical failures (log-off, third-party interferences, virus or any other reason).

    Besides, Petercam SA has the right to amend at any time, unilaterally and without notice, the information available on the Website, including but not limited to the conditions of access to all or parts of the Website and/or the various warnings, information notices and disclaimers addressed to end-users (including, inter alia, the terms and conditions of this Legal Information). We invite you to check the content of this Legal Information on a regular basis so as to be informed of the possible amendments. The use of this Website is governed by the latest version of this Legal Information and other disclaimers.

4. Privacy and Personal Data Protection

  • This section explains how Petercam SA may collect and process your personal data in the context of your use of the Website.
  • 4.1 Categories of data processed - Purposes of processing:
  • By accessing the Website, you may freely decide to provide Petercam SA with certain personal data relating to you in order to contact Petercam SA or other Petercam Group entities and their experts. We will use your data to answer to various requests : participate to information sessions or other events, subscribe to certain newsletters or press releases, request an inheritance tax simulation, request
    a capital growth and interests simulation, request for accessing Sell Side Reports, and/or apply for a job online. Certain accesses are restricted to specific categories of users.
  • In particular, the following data may be collected and processed by Petercam SA for the following purposes:
  • i. answering to your contact request or request to participate to information sessions or other events:
    your name, gender, language, email address, company (where applicable), contact request or comments, fixed/mobile telephone
    numbers (as the case may be), zip code and locality (where applicable), timing to reach you by phone (where applicable), Twitter account
    name (as the case may be).
  • ii. sending you the requested newsletter(s) and/or press releases:
    your name, gender, email and postal addresses, telephone number, fax number (as the case may be), birthdate, professional activity,
    whether or not you are a Petercam's client, your selected newsletter(s) and/or press releases.
  • iii. answering to your request for an inheritance tax simulation:
    whether or not you are a Petercam's client, your name, gender, birthdate, email address, zip code and locality, marital status,
    marital regime (as the case may be), name of your spouse/cohabitant number of children and of your spouse/cohabitant's additional
    children if any, your assets situation, donations you made within the three preceding years (as the case may be) and eventual remarks.
  • iv. answering to your request for a capital growth and interests simulation:
    the amount of capital, the duration, the capital expected on the due date, the expected income (amount and periodicity), your possible
    wish for the expected income to be revaluated taking into account the inflation, your civil status, name, email and postal addresses,
    fixed/mobile telephone number, whether or not you are a Petercam's client, whether or not you are interested in estate planning
    and your birthdate.
  • v. answering to your request for accessing Sell Side Reports:
    your name, gender, language, email address, company, request, fixed/mobile telephone numbers, fax number, postal address,
    function and birthdate.
  • vi. managing and answering to your online job application:
    your login and password, name, language preference, civil status, birthdate, email and postal addresses, information on how you
    learned about Petercam, whether or not you have a driving license, your highest degree, the specification of your formation, additional
    information relating to your formation (as the case may be), your current/last professional function, your current/last employer,
    other relevant experience information (as the case may be), linguistic knowledge and a copy of your resume (CV).
  • You acknowledge and, where necessary, agree that certain personal data relating to you may be transferred to other entities within the Petercam Group for the same purposes.
  • We may process personal data of other individuals such as your spouse/cohabitant and children which you provide to us. In providing
    such personal data of other individuals, you warrant that you have informed those individuals of the processing of their personal data for the above purposes and of the terms of this Section 4 and obtained their previous consent or, where applicable, that you have the required authority to provide consent on their behalf.
  • Petercam SA and other entities of the Petercam Group may contact you for marketing purposes related to our products and services in which we think you may be interested. Provided that you agreed to it, Petercam may also contact you by email for such marketing purposes. If at any time you wish Petercam to cease processing your personal data and contacting you for direct marketing purposes, you may oppose to the future processing of your personal data for direct marketing at any time, free of charge and without having to provide a justification by contacting Petercam SA/NV at the email address or by writing to "Petercam SA/NV - Marketing Department, Place Sainte Gudule 19, B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)".
  • Petercam SA will not use your personal data for other purposes than those described in this Section 4. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties other than the entities of the Petercam Group and Petercam SA's data processors. Petercam SA may also disclose your personal data to certain third parties such as product or service providers, for carrying out operations on the information or data inside the European Economic Area or in countries determined by the EU Commission to ensure an adequate level of personal data protection.
  • 4.2 Use of cookies:
  • What is a cookie ?
  • A cookie (also called http cookie, web cookie or browser cookie) is a small piece of data sent by a website to a web browser and stored locally on the visitor's computer or electronic device where this web browser software is running.
  • On each "click" on a link or when later visiting the same website, the browser will send back this information to the server.
    This information essentially allows the website to "recognize" a returning visitor and offer him/her a much richer experience by:
  • . storing his/her preferences (in terms of language or country).
    . avoiding the need to reenter username and password.
  • This is also, for example, how a shopping website remembers what you put in your virtual cart. A single website can make use of multiple cookies for different usage.
  • Type of cookies
  • Cookies can be stored for an extended period of time (from 1 hour to many years) or can be destroyed when the browser is closed.
    The former are called "persistent cookies", the latter are referred to as "session cookies".
  • Sessions cookies are usually needed for technical purpose. Disallowing them may, in some cases, prevent the correct behavior
    of a website.
  • Risks of cookies
  • Cookies are generally harmless for a computer. It is however impossible to exclude all risks. For instance:
  • . If someone is able to steal the content of a cookie, it may be possible to fool a website in believing he actually is somebody else.
    It is of course primarily an issue for shopping or transactional website.
    . Some cookies called "third party cookies" could be used to track the activity of users on the web.
  • Controlling cookies
  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) usually offer a set of configuration allowing the visitor to determine if and
    what kind of cookies they want to accept. Usually an exception list can be defined with website you want to block/authorize.
  • It should be taken into account that blocking all cookies will usually degrade the overall visitor experience when visiting websites.
  • Cookies on Petercam's website
  • Petercam's website may, for technical reason, make use of session cookies. Persistent cookies would only be used If you explicitly allow the use of them. These persistent cookies are detailed in the table below:
  • Cookie




    Market Language Preference


    This cookie stores the country and language preferences selected by the visitor.

    It allows the website to skip the country/language selection page during the next visits.

    A combination of country and

    Login Remember Me (to access sell-side reports)


    This cookie stores an authentication information to provide access to the sell-side restricted section.

    It is set when the visitor check the "keep me logged in" checkbox.

    It has a lifetime of 60 days after which it will be discarded by the browser and the visitor will have to authenticate again.

    A unique "session identifier"
    understood only by the website.

    Your username and password
    will never be stored in a cookie.

    Institutional Investor


    This cookie stores an information to identify the visitor investor status (private investor, institutional investor or other stakeholder) and language preferences selected by the visitor.

    It is similar to the "Market Language" cookie.

    Private Investor, Institutional investor or other stakeholder.

    Google Analytics (visits tracking)


    This cookie stores information allow us to understand how visitors navigate through the website in an attempt to improve their global experience.

    It is based on a google software called "Google Analytics".

    You can selectively disable that feature (while still allowing persistent cookies to store your preferences) by visiting

    Search engine, search keyword, hyperlink through which visitor
    accesses to the Website.

  • More information about cookies
  • Wikipedia provides an excellent explanation about cookies:
  • .
  • 4.3 Links to other websites:
  • This Website may contain links to other websites which are controlled or made available by third parties. Petercam SA shall not be liable
    in any case for the processing of personal data and the privacy practices of these other websites. Petercam SA encourages you to read
    the policy on privacy and personal data protection applicable to these other websites before providing any personal data.
  • 4.4 Security of personal data:
  • Petercam SA shall use all reasonable endeavors to protect and defend your privacy interests. As a result, your personal data will only
    be accessed on a need-to-know basis. Petercam SA has taken steps to ensure your personal data's security, quality and integrity.
  • 4.5 Access, modification and suppression of personal data:
  • You may object, at any time, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes
    by sending an email to
  • You are entitled to have access to your personal data, as collected and processed by Petercam SA, and request the modification or suppression (as the case may be) of your personal data if such data are incorrect or unnecessary. To exercise these rights, please send
    a written and signed request to Petercam SA, together with a copy of your identity card or other identification document as well as any document that proves that you are the owner of the personal data at "Petercam SA/NV - Compliance Department, Place Sainte Gudule 19, B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)".
  • 4.6 Further Information:
  • For further information on the processing of your personal data by Petercam SA, feel free to contact our Compliance department by writing at the address mentioned in the above paragraph.
  • You may also obtain information on the protection of personal data and privacy regulation from the Belgian Commission for the protection of privacy, Rue de la Presse, 35 - 1000 Brussels, (Belgium) (tel.: +32 (0)2 274 48 00 - website:

5. Use of the Website & Related Websites

  • Within the applicable legal limits and constraints, Petercam SA (or any other entity of the Petercam Group) shall not be held liable
    for any loss or damage, such as any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from or related to the access, download or use of
    the Website (or any other website this Website refers to).
  • Petercam SA accepts no liability whatsoever for any technical incident occurring (for any reason) during the use of the Website
    (such as any bug or inability of the user's terminal to retrieve the information).
  • The Website may contain links to other websites which are controlled or made available by third parties. Petercam SA has not verified the content of the websites linked to its Website and offers no guarantee as to the information or data available on these websites. By providing links to other websites, Petercam as well as any entity of the Petercam Group shall not assume or accept liability for any information, data, product and/or service available or offered on such third-party websites.

6. General Qualifications

  • The information and documents available on the Website do not constitute an offer, or part of an offer, aimed at providing investment
    or financial services, such as advice or management services.
  • All data and documents available on the Website are provided for information purposes only and shall not constitute, under any circumstances, an investment advice or an investment recommendation. Neither the Website nor the documents contained therein
    shall constitute an invitation, offer or a solicitation to buy or subscribe to sell stocks, shares and any financial instruments.
  • This information shall under no circumstances be regarded as advice of a legal, tax or other nature. The information or opinions contained in this Website do not take into account the financial expertise and knowledge, investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs of the Website users. Users of this Website should obtain specific, individual and adequate professional advice prior to making any investment decision. In particular, users of this Website should refer to a tax expert to determine what tax regime is applicable to them.
  • Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation or warranty, express
    or implied is made regarding future performance. Opinions and/or estimates reflect a judgment at the original date of publication and
    are subject to change without notice.

7. Email

  • This Website enables you to receive electronic messages from the Petercam Group. Since these messages are sent through the Internet,
    a public network over which the Petercam Group has no control whatsoever, they may be intercepted, amended or lost. Petercam SA accepts no liability in this respect.

8. Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction

  • Without prejudice to the consumer statutory rights, the management and use of the Website are exclusively governed by Belgian law and Brussels courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any litigation or dispute related to the management and/or use of the Website.

9. Website Responsibility

  • The legal entity responsible for the Website is Petercam SA, with registered seat at Place Sainte Gudule, 19, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (R.P.M. 0451.071.477)
  • Petercam is a stockbroking company authorized by the Banque National de Belgique (National Bank of Belgium - BNB), Boulevard Berlaimont 14, B-1000 Brussels and is supervised by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), rue du Congrès, 12-14, B-1000 Brussels.
  • The director of the Website Publication and Domain Names Holder is Petercam SA.
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